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Swiss Epilepsy Centre - A Brief Portrait


Many people suffering from epilepsy are dependent on the services of specialised and competent clinical centres. For more than 100 years the Swiss Epilepsy Centre in Zurich has been dedicated to diagnosing, treating and caring for children, adolescents and adults suffering from all forms of epilepsy. Over the last decades the Swiss Epilepsy Clinic has developed into a modern interdisciplinary neurological centre. Today, it is a Competence Centre for Epilepsy of national and international standing, consisting of specialised epilepsy services in various institutions.


Thomas Straubhaar, Lic.rer.pol. 

Director, Chairman of the Executive Board

Klinik Lengg 


Thomas Grunwald, Prof. Dr. Dr. med.

Medical Director

Klinik Lengg


Erich Oberholzer


EPI WohnWerk


Priska von Arx

Head of Special Schooling

EPI Spitalschule


Martin Bieri, MSc ETH


Swiss Epilepsy Foundation

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